4 Things You Absolutely Shouldn’t Do in South America

South America, most definitely is an exotic traveller’s paradise because of its landscape, history and culture. There’s so much to explore in South America that even a whole month isn’t enough to travel to every place. If you are travelling to South America, however, you need to get certain things very clear in your head.

This isn’t a hitchhiking trip in Europe where you can relax and still cover a lot in a short time. Considering the vast size of the continent, there’s plenty of things to do or see, and that can be overwhelming for many people. But there’s no need to sweat over it because it’s by making these mistakes in your travels that you will learn so many things.

If you are travelling to South America, there are things which you simply can’t do. These things are:-


Losing the debit card

This is kind of obvious, but still, there are many travellers who misplace their debit cards while travelling. If you are travelling to South America, you should have enough cash to suffice your needs. If you run out of cash, you are in for a lot of trouble because contrary to what you might think, finding ATM counters in South America isn’t as easy as in other parts of the world. More often than not, the nearest ATM will be several km away. Also, not every place will accept credit cards, and even if they do, you will be charged a heavy surcharge.

Visiting way too many places

Compared to Europe where countries are usually close to each other and small in size, it’s entirely different in South America. If you are planning a South America tour for a week and you think that you can cover 5-6 countries, you are underestimating a lot. Just by looking at South America’s map, you will come to know how far one country is from one another. Even can’t even cover the whole of Brazil and Argentina in a week; let alone the whole of South America.

Not taking proper measures for hiking

No matter in which part of the world you’ve hiked on, things will be completely different in South America. If you have never gone on a trek and you think that you are going to start in South America, you are in for a lot of trouble because you’ll have to hike in extremely harsh conditions which are unsuitable for first-time trekkers. Precisely for this reason, it would be a huge mistake not to take enough safety measures while trekking. Also, it is extremely important that you hire a guided tour while travelling.

Ignoring the advice from locals

No matter how many travel journals you’ve mugged or Vlogs you’ve watched, at the end of the day, you can’t predict what’s going to happen on your travels. If you are travelling to South America for the first time, it is very important to pay heed to what the locals have to say. They have a better knowledge of the terrain, and if they are asking you not to go to a certain place, you should listen to it. So these are some of the things which you should keep in mind while travelling to South America.


How to Plan a Thrilling & Adventure Filled Tailored Nepal Trip?


“If Nepal does not bring a smile to your face every single day, you’re a lost cause”.

For the adventure lovers and the Globetrotters, the joy of discovering Nepal has been one of the single most important things in life. Sandwiched between two Asian giants, China & India, the country is one of the fascinating countries in the world and has always topped the priority list of the trekkers and adventurers. Whether you choose to follow the hiking trails or prefer to stroll on the by-lanes of Kathmandu, everything is going to be all-embracing.

To taste the essence of the Mountain country, one needs to plan accordingly. Nepal will always remain unexplored no matter how many times you pay a visit to this country. So, in most of the cases, people plan a short tour that spans for over 10 days or so, if it’s not an Everest Base Camp Trek that lasts for 14 days.

To keep the excitement going, it is essential to plan Nepal trips judiciously. Itinerary needs to be set accordingly keeping the priorities and the important things at the top. The following are some of the tips as per the professional tour companies to make the trip a memorable one–

  • Preparing for the Trek

Nepal is the land of trekking. Some of them are difficult, while few have a moderate level of difficulty. Based on the number of days of the trip, the treks should be selected. However, one thing that always remains constant with whatever trek you choose is that at the end you are going to feel rejuvenated and will have an all-new perspective on the world you are living in.

  • Including the Jaw dropping Views of Annapurna

Annapurna region undoubtedly offers its viewers and visitors some of the breathtaking and jaw-dropping scenic views. The surrounding valleys house some of the highest peak of the world that are always going to be a worthy expedition each time you visit the place.

A tailored trip to Nepal should always include a visit to the Everest region. It is often considered as a haven for the avid trekker. It gives an enlightened view of life.

  • Raging Rivers & Beautiful Lakes

With the highest glaciated peaks in the world, Nepal has several raging rivers and lakes like Gokyo which holds the world’s highest freshwater.


Nepal is the country that lies in the lap of nature. The beautiful and panoramic view of the region, snow-capped mountain always trigger a sensory in the mind of the visitors.


3 Points on Cruising to Antarctica in 2019 at a Glance


Antarctica Calling!

While it’s too much heat all around Australia, now is the right time to get in touch with a reliable travel agent and book your tickets to Antarctica. But, how are you planning to travel? Is it by flight or cruise? Let’s help you out on this. Cruise trips to Antarctica are going to give you more than you are possibly expecting for.

Here are some crucial insights you must look at before finally book your cruise tickets. The facts will further encourage you to do that. You may get to know things that you might not have known earlier.

Australia Ranks 2nd in Travelling to Antarctica Every Year

Being an Aussie, that must be a proud moment for you. While one-third of all the travellers visiting Antarctica, people from the U.S. scores the first position, Aussies are just in the second place, leaving the adventure seekers of the U.K., German and China behind.

The Cruise Prices are Less in March

The Antarctic cruise season starts from November and ends around March. Most of the people tend to complete their cruise trip within February. But, you can make a smart move here and buy the tickets of cheap luxury Cruises to Antarctica before March 31. The cruise packages remain a lot less expensive during this time. They are on sale! So, you can actually make a lot of profit by booking for this season and experience the best of Antarctica.

You can Go for Both Swimming and Kayaking

There is a lot of fun awaits your Antarctica voyage. You must have heard the rumours related to the temperature of Antarctica that suggests you may experience a cardiac arrest if you accidentally fell into the water straight from the cruise.

Well, not true at all. Due to some volcanic activities, the water in some areas remains a lot warmer than you might have thought of. So, you can actually take a dip in the cold water of icy cold Antartica.

Another fun activity you can get involved in is certainly kayaking. It is included in the expedition to Antarctica 2019 packages. The water in the coastal areas remains calm and pleasing. To experience the wildlife and icebergs of Antarctica up close, you can take out your Kayak and enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Note to Remember

If you book your cruise to Antarctica with One Ocean Expeditions, you will be able to have some additional experiences like zodiac excursions, onshore hiking options, whale watching, coastal camping, educational presentations, active cruising and a lot more. Book now and experience a lifetime voyage.


EXPLORE Nepal Like Never Before- A Sneak Peak into a Traveler’s Trek Diary


21st November

I find myself one of the luckiest globetrotters as I somehow managed to visit one of my dream destinations- NEPAL, a Mecca for trekkers.

Upon visiting this country, I was introduced to the haven for wildlife, terraced rice fields, farms and forests dotting the Annapurna’s, with glaciated mountains and high trails filling the Everest region.

Being an avid nature lover, I had been trekking since my childhood. I was back on the top of the world upon visiting this Himalayan Kingdom. The thick forests of Nepal are the home to thriving birdlife, elephants, and the elusive tiger. I was spellbound by the towering peaks of the magnificent Himalaya provide a stunning backdrop.

Such is the beauty of Nepal tourism! I chose AMA DABLAM trekking that has the mesmerising Everest views.


DAY #1

My tour started with meeting up in Kathmandu and then moving to a hotel in Kathmandu.

DAY #2

On the very next day, I preferred to tour the local places in Kathmandu.

I visited the banks of the sacred river of Nepal, Bagmati. It separates Kathmandu and Patan and is considered as a pious river for both Hindus and Buddhists. It is supposed to purify the soul of the people.

Another worth visiting place in Nepal is Boudhnath Stupa– the biggest Buddhist monument. I travelled a distance of 11-km from the city centre to visit this place- one of the popular tourist spots in the region. I consider visiting Nepal is incomplete without visiting here.

DAY #3

This day is one of the most memorable days of my life.

I left for Lukla airport from where the trek began following the Dudh Kosi valley north to Namche Bazaar. This is a small village surrounded by the soaring peaks of Thamserku, Kusuk Kanguru, and Kwangde. I captured the glorious view of the majestic Everest and Ama Dablam. I came across the school that Sir Edmund Hillary built in Kunde and Khumjung. I wanted to capture something more glorious. So, I crossed the ridge for some of the panoramic views.

One thing that I found out on visiting the different mountainous region is that you are never going to stop at a point. So, I decided to visit the hauntingly beautiful location of Thyangboche monastery from where the views of Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse, Ama Dablam and Kantega dominate the skyline.


My Experience with the Himalayas in a nutshell…

Over these years, what I have realised that an avid traveller who had visited so many places can be a good storyteller because the glorious views are always going to make you speechless.

I believe the serenity in the mountains is the beginning and the end of all the beauty that nature can have.

Top 4 to Do Things During an Adventurous Antarctic Expedition

Antarctic expeditions

Ever wondered that you would be visiting the extreme south of this planet earth?  Ice caps, icebergs, frozen lakes, rugged terrain, sub-zero temperature – these are something that always pose as a challenge to the expeditors. Amidst all these challenges, the white barren land also has beautiful scenery awaiting for the visitors. The soothing sun during the summers, the sound of the glaciers melting, the wildlife and vegetation of tundra is worth exploring.

The land has an underlying adventure which needs to be explored. With the growing numbers of footfalls from the different people across the world, the list of ‘things to do’ in this land has increased. Also, some companies are giving the best prices and offers for their Antarctic expeditions. Enrolling in any of such companies is always going to be beneficial because of several reasons. With their planned itinerary, you can easily go through the important and beautiful places without wasting much of your time. Along with the visit to different places, you will also get a chance to try out some of the adventure activities miles away from your native place. Quite exciting indeed!!

With so many activities on the cards, I here enlist some of the “never to miss” activities which I explored during my expedition to this Southern continent. It happened to be a year when I decided to live my dream by planning a tour to the Antarctic with one of the groups that organise expeditions for the enthusiastic people like me. The following are the “to-do” list that will make your visit a memorable one—


It is indeed a worthy one. At the first stance, you will be nervous about the chilling water and glaciers all around. However, as you spend more time of the kayak, you will get accustomed to and will enjoy the rest of the ride. Kayaking in the Antarctic is always magnificent, and it is memorable because of the panoramic view. As you will proceed on the water, you would come across the leopard seals sunning themselves on the frozen land.

We came across a brilliant moment when we came across the penguins jumping in the front of our kayak as we paddled our vessel. For me, it is always going to be the lifetime memories to be cherished.

Visiting the Penguins

How can someone forget about these penguins when he or she visits the Antarctic?  These cutest animals are worth watching. Believe me; you will fall in love with them when you see them going out on their daily routines with the family. Their quacks and the energy involved in bringing up a family are worth mentioning. One of the best ways to witness their innocence is to sit and watch them peacefully. The polar travel specialists suggest to let them approach you silently and watch them fleeing on their two feet as soon as they realise you it’s YOU! Mesmerising Moment!

Plunge in the Polar Water

Polar Water
I would recommend you to go for this. This is always going to be an impressive one for you. I, personally feel that there is pride involved while narrating the story of the polar plunge to your dear ones because doing it in water at sub-zero temperature is something that is always going to be out of track.

Camping at Nights

When you would land in the Antarctic, you would see several people sleeping in their expedition ship. But, my individual opinion is to go out for camping in a bivy sack, right in the middle of the vast stretch of snow-covered land with the snoring leopard seals. Goosebumps, yeah??

It might be too cold, uncomfortable; but believe me, it will be something that you can’t be able to explain unless you experience it. You will feel gratitude and pride of living a night that early sailors used to live for months.

An Antarctic expedition is always going to be a memorable one. Adventure awaits at every step. The visitors need to grab this adventure under the supervision of the local experts or the organisers.